Images from the Parkway Concert Orchestra’s
2004-2005 Performance Season

May 22, 2005
St. Mary’s School Hall, Dedham

Despite a gray, rain soaked Massachusetts Spring it was warm and cheerful inside St. Mary’s School Hall as the Parkway Concert Orchestra celebrated the concluding concert of its 60th season!

St. Marys Hall audience
audience and orchestra

The Parkway Concert Orchestra dedicated this concert to honor the memory of long-time member Frank Grenier. We were delighted to welcome a number of Frank’s family that afternoon.

Frank Grenier's Family

The Orchestra was also delighted to welcome Clarinet soloist and recent Boston Conservatory graduate James Johnson.

James Johnson solos with PCO
Lawrence Isaacson congratulates James Johnson

The Orchestra presented a demanding program. Everyone works hard on Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite and Williams’ Jurassic Park medley:

Parkway Concert Orchestra Flute section
Tom Finn, percussionEdward Chen, timpani
Colin Chambers, TubaMichael Macrides, percussion
Neal Boornazian, Trumpet and  Bill Porter, Trombone
Ellen Fox, Harp

A trio of the Orchestra’s Trumpet section performed a dazzling rendition of Leroy Anderson’s Bugler’s Holiday.

trumpet section performing Bugler's Holiday
The conclusion of the Orchestra’s 60th season also marked the conclusion of Lawrence Isaacson’s tenure as Music Director and Conductor. French Horn section leader Adele van den Bosch spoke for the Orchestra with a moving tribute to Mr. Isaacson and a gift as a token of their appreciation for his effort and achievements.

Adele van den Bosch honoring Lawrence Isaacson

April 3, 2005
Islington Community Center, Westwood

The Orchestra never sounded better than they did on April 3 in Westwood.

Visions of concentration:

Guest Concert Master Geeta Abad:

Guest Artist Jacque Wilson:

March 6, 2005
Dexter School, Brookline

(Many thanks to Susan Silverman for these great photos!)

Howard Ostroff covers some of the fine points of the trumpet at the “Petting Zoo” following the concert:

Howard Ostroff demonstrates trumpet

Parkway Concert Orchestra conductor and Music Director Lawrence Isaacson (left) with composer Allen Feinstein.

Jennifer Mabb with young fans:

Betsy Kam settles in with Ellen Fox’s harp.

December 12, 2004
First Congregational Church, Norwood
The Orchestra presented its final performance of 2004 at the First Congregational Church in Norwood, and an exhuberant, festive event it was indeed!
Larry Isaacson contucts in front of wreath
Rev. John Hamilton narratesAmong the many highlights of the Holiday Concert was the narration of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas by the guest artist (and Pastor of the host Church), the Rev. John Hamilton!
Ellen Fox, Harp
Following are some glimpses of the orchestra working their magic. It’s hard work to make great music appear effortless!
Mark Rogers - Tenor Sax and June Cassidy, Ned Kingsbury - bassoon
strings at work
Beth Amis, Flute
Parkway Concert Orchestra string section
Candace Colbert, oboe
And really — what sort of Holiday Concert would it have been without the appearance of a very special “special guest”, passing out candy canes and holiday cheer? No one really cared that Norwood wasn’t a Winter Wonderland as long as St. Nick found his way to the Concert!
Santa Clause at Parkway Concert Orchestra holiday concert
December is a special time for children to be sure, and the hall was full of appreciatve young listeners. The Parkway Concert Orchestra excels at providing a rich experience for a diverse audience and never was this more abundantly manifest than at the December 12 concert:
Richard van den Bosch with son
A family appreciates the Sing–A–Long:
Holiday Concert sing along

Kalee MacNeil
young audience member appreciates concert
Happy Holidays to you all, From the Parkway Concert Orchestra!

November 7, 2004
St. Theresa’s School

The Orchestra had the pleasure of performing two movements from Gounod’s Messe Breve in C together with choirs directed by Dr. Richard Bunbury.

St. Theresa choir with Parkway Concert Orchestra
St. Theresa Choristers and Children's Choir with Parkway Concert OrchestraSt. Theresa Choristers and Children's Choir with Parkway Concert Orchestra
The concert drew a good crowd in spite of the magnificent fall weather, and those in attendance were treated to an incredible experience as guest artist (and consummate entertainer) Adam Frey showed us things we never knew a Euphonium could do!
Adam Frey greets Lawrence Isaacson
Adam FreyAdam Frey
Adam Frey performs "Flight of the Bumble Bee"

Did we say “consummate entertainer”? At the conclusion of the World Premier performance of Frey’s arrangement of Rule Britannia, Mr. Frey emerged for an encore. Let’s just say that if you have never heard The Flight of the Bumble Bee performed on a Euphonium, including props and a 360° rotation (of the instrument, not the performer), well… you need to get to more Parkway Concert Orchestra performances!

Parkway Concert Orchestra brass sectionPat Mancini, Cello and Ivan Maksimovic, Bass
Edward Chen, Timpanist for the Parkway Concert Orchestra

It was with pride and pleasure that the Orchestra “introduced” its beautiful new Timpani. The instruments, performed by Edward Chen, will be an exceptional asset to the Orchestra.

Ellen Fox demonstrates harp

The Instrument Petting Zoo following the performance was a huge success. In these photos four very patient and generous musicians, Ellen Fox (Harp), Howard Ostroff (Trumpet), Pat Mancini and Nicole Giammarco (Cello), introduce eager young audience members to the “voices” of the Orchestra.

Howard Ostroff demonstrates Trumpet
pat Mancini demosntrates Cello
Nicole Giammarco demonstrates Cello

Week of October 21, 2004
Italian Heritage Month series

A number of Parkway Concert Orchestra members participated in a series of four concerts in celebration of Italian Heritage Month during the week of October 21, 2004.. The Concerts featured the Choir of “G, d’Annunzio” University from Italy, and included arias, opera choruses and Neopolitan music. The 60 member choral group, accompanied by the orchestra, performed pieces by Rossini, Verdi and Pucinni as well as Italian Folk Songs. (Thanks to Susan Silverman for these great photos!)

Italian heritage concert series

The accompanying orchestra, produced by Parkway Concert Orchestra music director Lawrence Isaacson, consisted primarily of Boston Conservatory students and members of the Parkway Concert Orchestra.